Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weekend Fun

I took this photo of Saga a couple of days ago. She added some decoration to the bedroom wall. Her expression says it all. The funny thing is she tried to hide the crayons from me. She really is growing up fast. I made this dress for her right before summer started. Just look at the colors I was dreaming of summer time.

On Saturday I went to the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. It was great to see in person what people are making. The fair was held in a beautiful area of SF. It was nice to walk around and enjoy the beautiful views of the bay. It was very overcast, that is why I don't have any decent photos to share. The cool weather was welcomed after the heat wave we had this week.
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.


Astrid said...

Beautiful photo and the dress is beautiful too! I love that expression - we have had that a few times here as well! ;) Custom designed art for your wall! It seems to me that you have all kinds of fairs over there to attend - I wish we had anything like it in Denmark, but there are not that many things like that.

Collins said...

How cute. I love that face! Hard to get mad when the draw on the walls, it's how I knew my daughter could write her name. I wanted to be mad, but I was so proud! I love reading your blog.

jimin said...

i am happy to see that your are from bayarea too. i wanted go to renagade fair too. but, it's hard with two children. maybe, next year. i love the things you made for your daughter. they all beautiful and well made.

hannah m said...

First off, I love this photo of Saga. Sweetness, with a little bit of naughty - perfect!

I wanted to go to Renegade but our weekend was jam packed. Maybe if it comes back next year we can take the girls and make a day out of it!?

Mama de Saga said...

Hannah, We have to do that next year! The girls would love it. Saga enjoyed looking at sailboats, and the man swimming in the bay! Yikes.