Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I survived the move, but just barely. Most of the house is together except the sewing room which is filled to the ceiling with boxes. I hope to make a sizable dent in it this weekend, fingers crossed. We moved back to the town where I grew up. If you would have told me I would be living in this town again I would never believe you. This morning driving to work a packed bus of teenagers rode past. I knew they were on the way to my old high school. That was the same bus I took to school. Yesterday Saga and I went for a walk along the creek behind our house. I grew up along this creek. Saga loves birds, and the creek and nearby lakes attract many migratory birds. She had a great time bird watching, and I thought about how funny it felt to be back at this place. Strange, but comforting. I was the mom now, and I didn't have to think of an excuse of why I was late for dinner.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Let Me Explain

I admit, I made Saga and I matching tops. I bought this Erin McMorris fabric and thought I would make a shirt for myself. I ended up making my standby, and I felt bad to keep this awesome fabric all to myself. This is how Saga's top came to be. This is the part I can't believe I am going to reveal. We have worn them at the same time, but just once. I was visiting my mom and she reminded me how she would make us matching dresses every year for the church tea. I remember one of the dresses, long and green that a had a 70's vibe with its belt and huge collar. So that day for my mom's benefit we wore our matching tops, and I found out people really notice that type of thing.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Beginning of Fall

This weekend we went to a harvest festival. We had a lot of fun, and there was finally a chill in the air. We walked through a cornfield collecting Indian corn, and listened to some old time music. Saga was dancing and dancing and we had to stay until the music ended. On the way home we enjoyed beautiful views of San Francisco and the bay. Excellent fall weekend.

Can you guess what Saga is going to be for Halloween? I had to hurry and make this Little Red Riding Hood costume because I need to pack up my sewing machine. We are moving in less than two weeks. I am so excited that we are moving to a larger place. While my husband stayed at home with Saga for a year and a half money was tight. Now we have the opportunity to move to a more spacious home, and I will have a room dedicated to sewing! I will share some photos when all is settled.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hope I will need this soon...

I made this scarf in an attempt to welcome fall, but it is still no go. It did rain in San Francisco on Saturday for the first time since May, I believe. Saga was amazed and went out to walk around just saying, agua, agua, over and over. The scarf was a my bathtime project. Often after work I just can't sit still, so while Saga is in the bath I crochet. The funny thing is I get tennis elbow from crocheting. Obviously, I have bad form. I need to experiment with different positions to see if it improves.

This weekend Saga and I went to visit my mom in the Central Valley. We went to a small fabric shop that carried many designer fabrics. It was great to see them in person. I bought the ones above. The first 3 were in a group labeled 1940's prints. They were all on sale that made them even more attractive. I was also excited to find 100% cotton gingham. It was wonderful to be in a fabric store with my mom again. She is an amazing quilter, and I must of asked her a hundred questions. I actually keep a list that I go through when I see her. Just a great weekend overall...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Present for a new friend.

Today is one of my colleague's birthday. She is an amazing teacher who has helped me heaps since I started at my new school. She is the type of teacher parents hope for, and the type that young girls imitate at home teaching their younger brothers and sisters. As I was sewing this I knew she was at home going through student data and making a strategy how to teach the next lesson. I knew I wanted to make her something for her birthday. I settled on this tote bag with a elongated pocket on front to hold pens and pencils. I know she is going to stuff it full of books and papers to take home for the night. I am so lucky in my new position. I have made wonderful new friends, and feel like I have been there for years. There is nothing like sitting with fellow teachers at lunch eating school pizza, laughing and laughing until the bell sends you all back to your students. Happy Birthday Kelly!