Monday, July 28, 2008

I am so happy!

Astrid from Connecting the dots... gave me the E for Excellent Blog award. Let's just say she made my day. I was so thrilled to receive it from her because I enjoy her blog immensely.

So now I will pass it on to a few blogs that I love, and look forward to each new post.

To Jeanne at Nantucket Mermaid. Jeanne and I have shared some pretty exciting times together. She is an amazing artist, and also has very talented sons. You are very lucky if you get to spend some time with Jeanne because she will have you laughing nonstop.
To Lisa and Sarah at A Spoonful of Sugar. How can I not love reading about a mother and daughter sewing team. They have excellent organization tips and tutorials. I can't wait to see what projects they do together in the summer.
To Jessica at Turkey Cookies. I feel that Jessica and I are on the same mission, to enjoy this summer to the fullest. I love reading about her summer days, and her commitment to local food.

Enjoy ladies, and thank you for making my day brighter!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thank you so much! Glad you like to stop by.

Nantucket Mermaid said...

Thanks, Mama! I'm glad I keep you laughing...If I can keep people laughing, I will have found my purpose for being here!Nice picture with the zinnias! oxxo