Friday, July 11, 2008

The romper that became a jumper.

Well here it is. I couldn't get a shot of Saga wearing it because I will not fit her until she is 5, or grows 5 inches in all directions. I haven't added the buttons because I am waiting on a package of vintage buttons I bought on Etsy. So what went wrong?
It all started when I decided not to cut out the pattern notches when I was cutting out the fabric. So when I began to sew I had no idea where to start/stop the rise. Instead of having Saga try it on or break out the pattern, I guessed. Obviously, I guessed wrong and decided to go with the jumper style. ( I had to go a buy more fabric too!) No need for an intervention, I promise myself to never do this again! For now on when I sew I will follow the cardinal rules of sewing:
1) use the pattern guides
2) mark the fabric when needed
3) peruse the pattern instructions
4) use pins
5) fix mistakes immediately and not just think it will still work out
6) use measurements
Okay, I think that is all I can handle right now and stick to my word.

I want to thank the ladies who always encourage me. You have made sewing not such a solitary activity.


littleluxury said...

I think you did a great job.I tryed to make the simplest dress one day and......failed.Sometimes you want to change the pattern a little bit , but....Cant wait to see what buttons you bought!
regards Laura

Astrid said...

I think it's great, and it will look beautiful on her once it fits. I just want to say, that for a romper (or most other things), I really like Ottobre's patterns and instructions, because I find them rather easy to follow - at least for the simple things. I make tons of mistakes, and I spend tons of time correcting them - you did a really good job! :)

Jessica said...

I have plenty of items I've made without following the cardinal rule of sewing and didn't take measurements and then didn't read the directions, but I love them all the same because they are something I've made with my own two hands!!! Your little girl will cherish wearing anything you make her-even if it is in 5 years!!!!

periwinkle said...

even though it's not what you wanted its still great - are you going to try the romper again?
lisa x