Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day Eight

I took a dress of mine and some polka dots and turned them into a kimono top for Saga. You can find the pattern here. It was very easy, and enjoyable to make. I love the bold and colorful fabrics that Amy uses. I remembered this dress and thought I would be perfect for this project.
Thank you Amy for sharing.


periwinkle said...

sometimes i wish i knew a little girl to make stuff like this for ? Doesn't Saga look so happy
lisa x

iSew said...

That fabric is gorgeous. Great stuff!

Astrid said...

I've just been reading through a few of your posts - you sure do make some beautiful things, and your daughter is adorable! I'll keep coming back! :)

habitual said...

It's adorable, I am so glad you had fun making it! It's a fun little pattern and the tops are great! I love your fabric, reusing the old dress was genius!