Friday, June 20, 2008

Day Four

I have to admit when it comes to sewing I am stubborn and a poor planner. This dress is meant to have a full gathered skirt. I did not have enough fabric, so I just made it a straight skirt. To tell you the truth I am not very fond of how it turned out, but I have created a purpose for this little aqua dress. It is perfect to pull over Saga's swimsuit after a swim. I swear I am going to start measuring the fabric first before I start cutting.

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periwinkle said...

thought i'd pop by and say hi after seeing your comment on Tree Fall, I think it's very brave of you to attempt to sew something every day. Starting a blog was for me nerve racking - just wondering if anyone was going to read it. I started just by finding a blog i liked and then reading the blogs they liked and making lots of comments. Good luck and welcome
Lisa x